"Guava Eclipse Plugin" is an eclipse plugin which will generate following methods using Google guava utilty classes

  • toString() [STRG + SHIFT + 4]
  • equals(Object object) & hashCode() [STRG + SHIFT + 5]
  • compareTo(...) [STRG + SHIFT + 6]

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For more information, issues, pull requests, wiki, see the project page on GitHub. For PreferencePage settings Code Examples look here.


Eclipse Marketplace

Drag to your running Eclipse workspace to install Guava Eclipse Plugin


For Releases use this URL:

For SnapShot-Releases use this one:

Look here for more details about how to use update sites:


Latest Version 1.4.0:

New Features

  • moved to github
  • FR#20 - Using MoreObjects.toStringHelper

Fixed Bugs

  • Bug#15 - CompareTo Method generation includes variables which are not comparable

Known Issues

  • FR#17 - Maven Release Mechanism does not work
  • Bug#16 - MenuEntries does not appear when pressing ShortCut Alt+Shift+S
Overview for all releases


Guava Eclipse Plugin is under the Apache License V2.0


Any contributions are welcome!

You can find the sources here